Millie’s Cafe – Pasadena, CA

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Millie’s Cafe – Pasadena, CA

Last Visited: December 2020 • Breakfast

Every once in a while, everyone needs a great breakfast fix. Fortunately for Tracy and me, we have a nearby restaurant close by that has served us well for the past couple of years.  Millie’s Cafe has been a Silver Lake staple since 1926 and in late 2018 it opened a location in Pasadena. Millie’s serves breakfast and lunch all day until 3 p.m. and also includes a large vegan menu. In fact, the entire menu is extensive, so you have numerous choices, and believe me they are tough choices to make.

From their website: “We use real butter to cook our fresh eggs. We use Altadena dairy products because they don’t give their cows that hormone crap. We don’t even like yellow dye in our cheese, so we get white cheddar. We fresh grind each pot of French roast coffee. Our bread is baked fresh daily. Our juices are fresh from Odwalla. We do everything the pain in the ass, Old-fashioned way, by hand, from scratch, because there is a difference.”


Millie’s opens at 8 a.m., and when it reopens for customers, be sure to get here early. On pre-pandemic weekends (when they were open for onsite dining), the line snaked around the block by 10 a.m. They have outdoor tables, and dogs are allowed, but keep a tight leash as the traffic is pretty heavy next to the sidewalk.

We have visited several times over the ensuing years, since it’s only a short walk from our home. The interior is airy and bright, always with a good vibe. Hopefully, we’ll be able to enjoy that area again soon.


It is especially convenient now for take-out during the pandemic, and has become our go-to restaurant for breakfast many times!  Most of the egg dishes come with your choice of rosemary potatoes, seasoned hash browns (our favorite), seasoned French fries or sweet potato fries.

Tracy’s current go-to choice is the Roasted Red Pepper, Grilled Onions, Spinach & Cheese ($11.25), served either as an omelette or scramble with toast and potatoes.

I’m usually torn between the Blueberry Waffles; blueberries, blueberry syrup and whipped cream … we throw on some fresh strawberries, too … ($8.99) or the Breakfast Bun; scrambled eggs, bacon and cheese on a brioche bun ($8.75), which I will order if Tracy will split it with me as it’s huge, especially with the giant side of seasoned hash brown potatoes.


Recently I deviated from my usual breakfast selection and tried the Tacos De Huevos; 3 breakfast tacos served on corn or flour tortillas and filled with scrambled eggs, cheese and potatoes and your choice of smoked applewood bacon, Italian hot link, chicken-apple walnut sausage, chorizo, ham, Soyrizo, veggie sausage patty or fake bacon… Whew! I chose chorizo. This was fabulous and large enough that I had the rest of it for lunch. Three tasty, filling tacos for $8.75 … such a deal.

Friends Rob and Donna went bananas for the pancakes with Rob ordering the Monkey Pancakes with bananas and chocolate chips while Donna opted for the Banana Walnut pancakes. Both say the flapjacks had lot of A-peel.

On our earlier visits we tried the Huevos Rancheros; two eggs over-medium, smothered in mole-style black beans on corn tortillas, topped with cheddar cheese, salsa, guacamole and sour cream ($11.75).

The Devil’s Mess; three scrambled eggs with Cajun-spiced turkey sausage, cheddar cheese, salsa, guacamole and sour cream ($13.25) is a definite keeper.

Tracy, of course, has enjoyed on many occasions the Chilaquiles; crispy corn tortilla chips drenched in traditional ranchero salsa on a bed of black beans and melted cheese, topped with fresh guacamole and sour cream ($10.75). Your choice of any style eggs or tofu.

We will keep supporting this local gem serving fantastic breakfast items. We’ll have to try their lunches sometime, but we’re hooked on Millie’s breakfasts. That reminds me … I better call and get that order of Brioche French Toast with Blueberry compote, whipped cream and powdered sugar in right now!

Millie’s Cafe
1399 Washington Blvd.
Pasadena, CA 91104
Daily 8 a.m. – 3 p.m.
Parking: Street (free)

Millie’s Cafe
3524 Sunset Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90026
Daily 8 a.m. – 3 p.m.
Parking: Street


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