About Mai Tai Tom


Mai Tai Tom … Writer To Go!


For the better part of 30 years (well, mostly better), I was a partner in a small publishing company, which put out numerous magazines, mainly in the produce and agriculture business.  We also published a city magazine for Long Beach, wrote for a culinary magazine (the pay wasn’t great, but the perks certainly were) and dabbled in other publications in various fields, as well.

Along with serving as the marketing director for many of these publications, I also did my fair share of writing.  Now that I’m semi-retired (or as my friends say, “semi-working”), I have the time to concentrate more on my passion for traveling.

In addition, I’m available for companies to hire me as a freelance writer (prices quoted on a per job basis).   As my subscribers to this website might attest, thanks to my publishing background, I can whip out stories pretty quickly (those darned deadlines came up fast in the magazine business).

If you’re interested in hiring me, you can contact me via the homepage of this website. 

Meanwhile, it’s back to travel and restaurant reviews for me, and please don’t forget to visit Mai Tai Tracy’s Kitchen, where my wife’s recipes mean I’ll never be thin again.  However, I am well-fed … and happy!