Tournez à gauche, Tournez à droite? Maitai’s Scenic Detour Through France



Paris, The Dordogne, The Loire Valley, Normandy

In a little less than three weeks, we visited our favorite city on earth (Paris) and traveled to Sarlat for our base in the delightful Dordogne.  We also enjoyed the chateaux of the Loire, the beauty of Bayeux, while reliving history on the beaches of Normandy.  We ended our trip with a night in relaxing Honfleur and then made it back for a few more days in Paris.  Life is good!

September 27, 2012

Chapter Two: Checking Out Paris

Chapter Two:  Checking Out Paris Day Three – Cheer Cheer For Old Notre Dame, Silver And Gold, Church Goers, Panthéon Sans Sperm, You Might Rue Our Description Of This Street, Sherpa Revisited, On Track For Limoges, Dinner Quandary and Didn’t I Buy One Of These At Trader Joes Last Week […]
September 28, 2012

Chapter Three: Sarlat-Bound (with a detour)

Chapter Three:  Sarlat-Bound (with a detour) Day Four – In The Dark, Filet de Maitai, A Bloody Time In Limoges, Dr. Mary’s Bag Of Tricks, Introducing Madame Bleu, Unspeakable Crimes Against Humanity, Dueling Navigation Systems, A Sarlat Sensation, Mind Your Manoirs and A Great Name For Our New Business Venture […]
September 29, 2012

Chapter Four: Markets, Chateaus, Gardens & Boats

Chapter Four:  Markets, Chateaus, Gardens & Boats Day Five – Going To Market, Cum On Feel The Noix, Cashed Out, Chateau Hopping, Sir Bleed-A-Lot, Jardin Party, Roque & Rolling On The River, Gizzard Wizards and Where’s Anthony Quinn I will be the first to admit it; I really don’t care […]
September 30, 2012

Chapter Five: Josephine & Dordogne’s Beautiful Villages

Chapter Five:  Josephine & Dordogne’s Beautiful Villages Day Six – There’s A Man With A Gun Over There, Visiting Chateau Josephine Baker, For The Birds, Chasing Windmills, A Domme Good Lunch, Chats & Chats, No Bertha Butt, Watch Out For Falling Rocks, Seeing Beynac In A New Light, Inhaling Soap […]
October 1, 2012

Chapter Six: Drivin’ The Dordogne

Chapter Six:  Drivin’ The Dordogne Day Seven – Wow What A View, Wrong Way Maitai, How Many Stairs Is That Again, A River Runs Through It, The View Was Better, Our Most Beautiful Village, (No Offense) Our Most Overrated Village, Carennac The Magnificent, Seeing Red and Are You Sure That’s […]
October 2, 2012

Chapter Seven: Did You Really Write On That Bison?

Chapter Seven:  Did You Really Write On That Bison? Day Eight – So Easy A Caveman Could Do It, Please Don’t Write On The Bison, A Beautiful Drive, Down By The Lazy River, Cave Dwellers, Where Is That Damned Restaurant, Finding Pasta In The Land Of Foie Gras And A […]
October 3, 2012

Chapter Eight: The Loire & It’s Captivating Chateaux

Chapter Eight:  The Loire & It’s Captivating Chateaux Day Nine – Kim Takes The Wheel, Talley-Ho Talleyrand, The A-MAZE-ing Race, Taking The Scenic Route, Scouting Mission, Paving The Way, An Oasis In Amboise, Horsing Around and The “Ten-Minute” Walk Goodbye Dordogne. Hello Loire. On a misty Wednesday morning, we bid […]
October 4, 2012

Chapter Nine: Blitzing Through The Loire

Chapter Nine:  Blitzing Through The Loire Day Ten – Breakfast Of Champions, The Answer My Friend Is Blois-ing In The Wind, Chateau Liqueur Drive-By, Chiens Gone Wild, A Unique Chateau Garden Festival, There’s No Place Like Gnome, The Wild Goose Chase To A Winery, A Chat With Kim and No […]
October 5, 2012

Chapter Ten: da Vinci, Dueling Gardens & More da Vinci

Chapter Ten: da Vinci, Dueling Gardens & More da Vinci Day Eleven – Casa de Leonardo, A Walk In The Park, We’ll Cross That River When We Come To It, Belles Fleurs, Da Vinci’s Final Resting Place, Is That Liz Taylor, In The Annick Of Time, Bruno Redux And How […]
October 6, 2012

Chapter Eleven: Azay, Joan, Eleanore & Angers

Chapter Eleven:  Azay, Joan, Eleanore & Angers Day Twelve – Boar Wars, A Chateau That Floats, Traveling In Joan Of Arc’s Footsteps (Without The Fire), Eleanor Really, Don’t Look Back In Angers, Get Me To The Church On Time and A Ferme Decision For Dinner It was time for one […]
October 8, 2012

Chapter Thirteen: Bayeux Tapestry & Arromanches

Chapter Thirteen:  Bayeux Tapestry & Arromanches Day Fourteen – I’m From The United States…of Canada, An Astounding Cathedral, My Favorite Tapestry Minus Carole King, What A Way To Go, Any Port In A Storm Of War, A Senior Moment, D-Day 360, Honoring The British and Perhaps The Best French Onion […]
October 9, 2012

Chapter Fourteen: Remembering D-Day

Chapter Fourteen:  Remembering D-Day Day Fifteen – Walking In The Footsteps Of History, Germ Warfare, Checking Out the City of Bayeux Plus An Inventive and Incroyable Dinner Up early, the four of us walked through our countryside estate, said hello to the swans (the ducks were sleeping…or hiding) and strolled […]
October 10, 2012

Chapter Fifteen: An Impressionistic Harbor Town

Chapter Fifteen:  An Impressionistic Harbor Town Day Sixteen – Harboring Four Americans, Is That A Boat Or A Church, Killer Caramel Crepes, Dancing In The Street, Death Stairs 2012, What’s This Tree Doing In My Shower, Not Dine But Dash and The Perfect Way To Spend An Evening Goodbye Château de […]
October 11, 2012

Chapter Sixteen: Return To Paris

Chapter Sixteen:  Return To Paris Day Seventeen – Mr. Maitai’s Wild Ride, Lane Violation, Where The Hell Did They Put Our Rental Car Agency, Dining In The Rain, The Good Samaritan, Service With A Smile, The Rue You-Know-What, Fancy Meeting You Here and A Return To Ray Romano’s Restaurant After […]