Tournez à gauche, Tournez à droite? Maitai’s Scenic Detour Through France



Paris, The Dordogne, The Loire Valley, Normandy

In a little less than three weeks, we visited our favorite city on earth (Paris) and traveled to Sarlat for our base in the delightful Dordogne.  We also enjoyed the chateaux of the Loire, the beauty of Bayeux, while reliving history on the beaches of Normandy.  We ended our trip with a night in relaxing Honfleur and then made it back for a few more days in Paris.  Life is good!

October 12, 2012

Chapter Seventeen: A Beautiful Day In Paris

Chapter Seventeen:  A Beautiful Day In Paris Day Eighteen – No Room At The Top, Sac It To Me, Break On Through To The Other Side, Finally Some Beef Bourguignon, Fancy Meeting You Here…Again, Organ Concert, My Favorite View Of Paris, Damn We Should Have Gone Here Today and Getting […]
October 13, 2012

Chapter Eighteen: Our Bloody Good Final Day In Paris

 Chapter Eighteen:  Our Bloody Good Final Day In Paris Days Nineteen and Twenty – Planteé Lovely, Free Musée, The Butt Heard Round The World, Your Table Has Waited For You, One Last Look At History, This Sure Beats The Water Lilies, Shop Till We Drop, I See Dead People, Dinner […]