Crème Fraîche Scrambled Eggs à la Bobby Flay

Creamy & Delicious Scrambled Eggs à la Bobby Flay

Bobby Flay Scrambled EggsCrème Fraîche Scrambled Eggs à la Bobby Flay


I don’t know about you, but I am tired of cooking. Tired of thinking of things to cook. Just tired of this whole thing. In an effort to find inspiration, we have been binge-watching Beat Bobby Flay and Brunch at Bobby’s. His egg dishes always look so scrumptious.

I finally caved and attempted to find Bobby’s recipe for scrambled eggs. Slow-cooked eggs, butter, and crème fraîche … what’s not to like? Fortunately, I happened to have some crème fraîche on hand from a gazpacho I never got around to putting together.

First, a couple of tips from Bobby: (1) use a non-stick skillet; (2) don’t salt the eggs until they are nearly done as it messes up the soft edges of the eggs; (3) pull the skillet off the heat after three-quarters of the way done, as the eggs will continue cooking until plated; and (4) salt generously as soon as removing from heat.

Although I did not locate his exact recipe (probably need to purchase his cookbook), I did read that Bobby uses equal parts unsalted butter and crème fraîche and three eggs per person in making his eggs. The recipe below is for two generous servings.

Be sure your eggs are fresh otherwise, they will be tough and not very special. Here is a quick test from The Spruce Eats on testing for freshness: “All you need is the egg, a bowl, and cold water. Fill the bowl with enough cold water to completely cover the egg, then gently drop the egg into the bowl of water … If it sinks to the bottom, turns on its side, and stays there, it is very fresh. If the egg sinks but floats at an angle or stands on end, the egg is a bit older (a week to two weeks old) but still okay to eat. If the egg floats, it’s too old and should be discarded.”

I even pulled out the panini maker to grill some sourdough bread drizzled with honey, and made some crispy oven baked bacon … yum! Be sure everything else is ready to go as the eggs take three to four minutes to cook.

So how where they?  BEST EGGS I’VE EVER EATEN! No kidding.  Creamy, silky and easy … Never doubt Bobby Flay.  I think we might have these for dinner …

crame fraiche Bobby Flay Scrambled Eggs IngredientsIngredients:

2 T. cold unsalted butter
2 T. Crème fraîche
6 regular or 4 extra-large eggs
Fresh ground black pepper
Kosher salt
Chives, chopped


In a small bowl, whisk the eggs with a couple of grounds of black pepper until combined and just barely frothy and bubbly (don’t over-beat as it can make the eggs tough).

                       egg yolks for Bobby Flay Scrambled Eggs Recipeeggs completely whisked

In a 10-inch non-stick skillet over medium heat (if doubling this recipe, use a 12-inch non-stick skillet), melt the cold unsalted butter and crème fraîche.

                         creme fraiche and butter the skilletcombining the eggs, butter and crème fraîche

Just before it is completely melted, add in the pre-beaten eggs and stir vigorously with a rubber spatula or wooden spoon to combine the eggs, butter and crème fraîche.

                             beaten eggseggs cooking

Stir continuously, but gently, dragging the spatula through the eggs and around the edges until the eggs are custardy and soft curds form, about 3 to 4 minutes (they will look undercooked, but Bobby says take them off heat now).

scrambled eggs custardy textureRemove from heat and salt generously.  Let them rest for one minute in the pan to finish cooking.  Garnish with chopped chives. Serve immediately.

Creme Fraiche Bobby Flay Scrambled Eggs2 generous servings.

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