The Roads Less Traveled: Traversing France With Mai Tai Tom & Tracy

Tracy and I took to the road (always a dangerous proposition with me behind the wheel) for most of our nearly three-week trip to France. The trip took us on the highways and back roads through Burgundy, Provence and Languedoc, before boarding our train for the last four days in Paris. Driving was an adventure, and Tracy doesn’t know how we navigated Europe without GPS in previous years. (although our British lady did abandon us occasionally, making for a few unforgettable moments).  From gorgeous scenery to ancient wonders to charming towns dotting the countryside to the incredible food and wine, we had the great fortune of enjoying 18 wonderful days exploring many places we had never ventured before.  Thanks for joining us on this marvelous journey.

March 19, 2017

Chapter Seventeen – Nous Visitons Deux Châteaux Marveilleux

Chapter Seventeen – Nous Visitons Deux Châteaux Marveilleux Day Seventeen – Why Are My Legs So Sore, Picture Perfect Morning, Hop On The Bus, André Le Nôtre’s Park, Don’t Overshadow The King, The Man In The Iron Mask?, Another Incredible Chateau, Versailles Moves To Third Place, What A Backyard, Where’s […]
April 3, 2017

Chapter Eighteen – Last Tango In Paris

Chapter Eighteen – Last Tango In Paris Day Eighteen – The InTents Place de la Concorde, I’m Thinking Here, Sac It To Me, Canal Zone, Master Locks, Where’s The Beef, I’m Here For The Soup, Mai Tai Tracy’s Kitchen Suffers A Setback, Dinner Outside My Comfort Zone, The CDG Macaron […]