Chapter Sixteen: Going Home

P1020085Chapter Sixteen:  Going Home

Day Seventeen – Memories Of Jolly Old England

Afterone last great breakfast, Kim guided us back to Heathrow (exactly a two hour drive from Chipping Campden…including a stop for gas…DIESEL…and a couple of missed turns).  Our  English adventure was complete.

EngDay5K #11                                                  P1000718

Even though when we left, Tracy said she didn’t think we’d have to return to London, her views have since changed (me, too).  After Tracy read the last chapter (as she corrected my numerous spelling errors), she said, “I’m so sad, our trip is over.  Maybe we can attach a few extra days for London on a future trip to see what we missed on this one.” So much for knocking London off the travel agenda, eh?

P1000657                                               P1050645

Upon further review, it’s true that London was not the favorite spot we’ve ever visited, but pouring over our notes and sifting through photos (and with some time to reflect) London certainly was a worthwhile adventure (well, except for that damned “staring horse” event…aka The Royal Horse Guard).

17                                         P1000521

I could envision coming back and staying in one of those cute neighborhoods that looked so inviting, or going to revisit our favorite old pub.  There were also a number of sites we had wanted to see, but just ran out of time.  Hell, I could go back just for the sticky toffee pudding that I’m now addicted to.  It took us a couple of visits to warm to Rome, so London…it looks like you’ll see us sometime in the future.

P1000853As for the rest of the trip, we very much enjoyed roaming the English countryside from the wrong side of the road.

EngDay7K #09                                                  P1050776

From Salisbury Cathedral, up through Bath and the Cotswolds, it was everything we had hoped for.

EngDay8K #07                                            P1010076

The last three bed and breakfast establishments were as good or better than any we have stayed at in Europe or the U.S., and the countryside was spectacular with enough flowers and foliage to even keep Tracy happy…a vacation first.

P1010327                                           P1050857

So, even after a rocky start, our trip to England was another wonderful adventure, so my mantra, thankfully, can continue:

P1000550         “Enjoy The Journey! Attitude Is Everything!”

(and be sure to book your apartment through a reputable agency)

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